You can now build your own spectaculair beach house in Bali.


Imagine while you are overlooking the sea, you realize you stay in your own home.

Renting out your property wil be no problem, so other people can enjoy your luxerious villa as well.

Bali Garden Beach has several beach plots for sale, perfect to disign your very own beach villa!

There are six different types that can be customized to your needs. 


Your own design can be realized,in consultation with the architect.







   A popular model with three bedrooms and three bathrooms,

  a 4th bedroom with bathroom is easy to realize at the
  upper floor balcony, this space is suitable for many purposes
  and accessible through a beautifully shaped staircase.

    Surface: ca.275m ².







 Buka kecil

This villa is slightly smaller than big brother Buka, with one bed room less, an extra bedroom or office can also be realized on the upper floor.
A house with a sleek and open character.
Surface: ca.195m ².






A timeless villa, which over the years through space and simplicity is still a very popular model. Middels its four bedrooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning, ideal for rentals, acommodating large groups of family and guests. Characteristic of this beach villa is the covered terrace!
Surface: ca.220m ².  






The Branie is especially constructed sporting its bold exterior, with its whide frontage an 8 persons dining table is easy to install..

Surface: ca.190m ².










A nice "round" model with two bedrooms and one large or two small bathrooms. The shape creates an interesting layout with a covered terrace with multiple side. This villa has an open kitchen, adjacent to the living room.

Surface: ca.120m ².



Bagan Bagas

The latest model beach villa has two bedrooms on the ground floor, adjacent to the terrace and pool. The outdoor living area on the covered terrace offers a magnificent view of the pool and the sea. The top floor is a large room with several options, here is the standard third bedroom with bathroom situated. Possible additional  bedroom or a living room are optional.
Surface: ca.325 .



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